Considering Mini Tablets for Reading Comic Books

Considering Mini Tablets for Reading Comic Books

Considering Mini Tablets for Reading Comic Books – There are benefits you can enjoy when you choose a mini tablet as your primary means of reading comic books. First, it is definitely convenient to carry around. A 7-inch tablet comes with excellent portability that none other can match. You can hold the thing with just one hand and enjoy your comics. It is also lightweight and if the space allows for it, you can even fit it in a cargo pocket. Of course, for those who are not that mobile and not constantly on the go this might not serve as a great reason to go for it. However, if you are moving around a lot, a 7-inch is definitely a much more plausible option.

Secondly, digital comic books still look good on mini tablets. Sure, you can’t compare it with when you open the comics on tablets of larger size but all in all there is not really that much of difference between the two. Lastly, a mini tablet is way cheaper than full-size ones. You get to save more this way. But of course, nothing can come with pros only without even one con. The cons of using mini tablets eventually boil down to just one thing: the size.

It may not be practical to use a mini tablet for single-page reading. If anything, you will find yourself having to zoom in or resort to panel-by-panel reading. With devices of larger size, the page will be displayed right away and you can read the pages comfortably. While it is still possible to enjoy reading comic books on a 7-inch device, it may take time before you are accustomed to zooming into the images and switching from landscape to portrait—which not everyone finds convenient to begin with. But again, a mini tablet could act like a lifesaver for anyone constantly on the go.

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