A Simple Guide to Help Those in Need of Help with Reading Comics

A Simple Guide to Help Those in Need of Help with Reading Comics

1. Find out the genre you are into
If you find it hard to uncover the answer, start with figuring out the kind of movies, books, TV shows, video games, comic book movies, and stories you enjoy the most. Once you narrow down your list, things will get easier and you can find what comic books you should read.

2. Consider the free comics
But make sure that the source is legal in nature. This is to help prevent yourself from having to spend for something that you don’t even like. You can, for example, borrow some from your friends. In addition to making it possible for you to enjoy comics for free, this is also a good way to further introduce yourself to the stories you feel the most connection with.

3. Pay a visit to a local comic book store in regular basis
Once you’re done testing the waters, it’s time for you to get to taste the real experience. Just come by and have a look at what the local comic book store has to offer. Browse their shelf and don’t be afraid to get a help from the crews if you still haven’t figured out what clicks the most with you. Make a point to visit the store in a regular manner and frequently. It may be on weekly basis, fortnightly, or every once in a month. Of course, this is a schedule that depends greatly on how much you are into the medium and the amount of budget you can set aside.

4. Broaden your horizons gradually
Once you are used to the concept and make a habit out of it, you can expand your insights further. Check out your favorite artists’/writers’ other bodies of work. Talk to fellow comics-readers about what they are into at the moment. Browse websites that discuss comic books. Keep in mind that this also has anything to do with your budget and do it at a pace you feel most comfortable.

5. Take a peek into comics community
Make time to engage in online community or real-world events such as a convention. Site like also got a lot fans and community for sharing about comics also. This is important as it may help you find others with similar passion and you might even make some friends for life.

6. Find some friends to read comics with
Everything is much more fun when done together with friends and anyone else you think should get into comics.

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