Developments of the Comic Communities in the USA

Developments of the Comic Communities in the USA

Who doesn’t know comics? This one piece of art has evolved from time to time and still has fans until now. Almost all countries in the world have comic artworks. But usually famous comics come from Japan. There are also famous superhero comics from America such as Marvel, DC, and Valiant.

Comics in America not only have superhero stories, but also consist of fantasy stories that are dear to be missed. Of course the development of comics in the USA also helped develop the existing comic community. This comic community usually consists of people who also like all types of comics.

Development of Comic Communities Standing in the USA

Reading is a hobby that will not be timeless. Although now digital technology has developed very rapidly. Books still live in the community. One type of book that is also a favorite of many people is comic books. Ranging from children to adults love to read comics.

The comic community began to develop in accordance with the progress of the times. The comic community in the USA is also increasingly mushrooming. Usually they like superhero comics issued by well-known companies such as , Marvel and DC. The comic community is also a forum for creativity for comic fans who love to draw. Anyone can join and help develop the comic community in the USA.

The comic community in the USA is growing every year. Especially because the comic output from America is also increasingly global. Especially comics with superhero themes like Superman or Batman. The superhero box office films that you watch at the cinema are from famous superhero comics.

Developments of the Comic Communities in the USAThis comic community has sprung up because of the many fans of comic stories in America. Not only fans who join this comic community, but also people who work and have careers in the comic world. For example, such as cosplayers and comic makers themselves.

The development of the comic community can actually be seen from the many activities carried out. For example, such a well-known comic community often holds activities such as comic drawing competitions or comic drawing workshops for beginners in the comic world.

It is not uncommon for the growing comic community of USA to also appear in the comic con event which is always held every summer in San Diego, California. Workshops are also often given to comic fans who aspire to become a comic writer. Starting from drawing workshops, coloring, to story telling. The development of a comic community in the USA can certainly be seen directly from the growing comic industry in the USA today.

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