Get to know the comic reading community in the USA

Get to know the comic reading community in the USA

watching movies or just watching shows on TV may have become a habit now, but entertainment can not only come from TV media alone. Print media such as comics, for example, is one of the entertainment that is not less interesting than a TV or similar shows and of course comics are also the beginning of the existence of entertainment on TV, for example films about superheroes.

The most famous superhero figures such as superman, batman, spiderman and others are figures who originally emerged from comics which later began to be used as characters and appeared in films on tv so far known to many people.

The love of the characters in the comic that finally made some people in America try to gather and create a community for the comic lovers themselves, knowing the reading community of comics in the USA can we start from someone who has long liked comic books and types the other available, he is Ben Penrood.

Big Ben Penrood in Annapolis was a worker in a comic book shop, so in 2011 he and his friends tried to make a first event in Annapolis that was successfully attended by more than 7000 people.

The event which had only been aimed at gathering people so that interest in comic books reappeared was even more than that because he finally made a community of his own consisting of a group of comic lovers in America. This community consists of many people who have almost the same interests as each other.

Starting from comic lovers, video game enthusiasts, so the lovers of superhero films also become part of the community. in several meetings held also by the community, bringing artists and creators of comic books and some media as resource persons who enlivened the comic community event, not infrequently also community members who wore costumes like their favorite superheroes when community events were held.

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