History of Valiant Comic

History of Valiant Comic

So far, if you talk about superhero comics from America, of course people immediately mention the name Marvel or DC. But did you know that there are actually other publishers who also publish comics about superheroes and come from the United States? Valiant comic is actually an American comic publisher.

The company was founded by Jim Shooter, who was a former employee of Marvel, in 1989. In 2004, the company was reopened after being vacuumed with a new name Valiant Entertainment by entrepreneurs named Dinesh Shamdasani and Jason Kothari. The following is a more complete account of the history of the development of Valiant Comic in America.

The History of Valiant Comic and Its Development

Marvel and DC may indeed hold a monopoly in the world of superhero comics. But did you know that there are actually Valiant comics that also helped develop the world of superheroes? Marvel and DC have always released a lot of comics in progress. Even almost every month. But what makes Valiant fresher is that they develop themselves in different ways.

Valiant began in 1988, former Marvel employee Jim Shooter, Steven J. Massarsky, along with a group of investors trying to buy Marvel Entertainment. But then in 1989, Shooter and Massarsky formed Voyager Communications which became the forerunner of Valiant Comic. Valiant then recruited many writers and artists from Marvel. Including Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Layton.

In 1991, Valiant released their first title, Magnus, Robot Fighter. Then they also released Solar, the Man of the Atom in the same year. Rai became the third comic book title released by Valiant Comic. In addition, Rai is also included in a special way at Magnus, Robot Fighter. In 1992, Valiant won the Best Publisher.

Then the following year, Valiant again won the Best Publisher. Also in 1992, Jim Shooter was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award as the person who co-founded the Valiant Universe. At the event, Stan Lee was also awarded as the person who created the Marvel Universe.

Even so, Shooter decided to leave Valiant in 1992. According to Massarsky, Shooter had different tastes with the company. He was asked to stop from Valiant. In 2012, Valiant came out after a decade of hiatus. Valiant was previously bought by Acclaim, a video game company.

Unfortunately Acclaim went bankrupt in 2004. Valiant went back to sleep. After returning, Valiant appears with some great characters. The character possessed by Valiant is not inferior to Batman. Comic works from Valiant seem to be an alternative for lovers of Marvel and DC comics who are looking for fresh air.

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