Read The Manga and Join The Community of All Mangas Reader

Read The Manga and Join The Community of All Mangas Reader

Read The Manga and Join The Community of All Mangas Reader – Do you like to read manga on PC? Well, if that’s the case, then you must be aware that the websites that hosted them always have a rather awkward interface even when you open them with a large screen. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with it anymore after using All Mangas Reader!

• Read Manga Comfortably on Your PC
The one thing that makes reading manga uncomfortable on PC is that it’s hard to adjust the page size without some sort of disadvantage – fit the whole page on the screen and you can barely read the words, but zoom it in and you have to adjust the page position every time you move to one panel to another. Not to mention, the head bad and navigator of the sites can take a significant space on your screen, making the reading experience feels far from seamless.

Thankfully, All Mangas Reader solved this problem by making the pages easily adjustable. Readers can position the pages side by side as a book does, set up the zooms, or even decide which direction the manga should be read! It makes reading manga becomes as comfortable as playing online poker games in PC through.

• Get Manga in All Language
Another selling point of All Mangas Reader extension is that it pools 93 manga reader sites at once into their library. So, when you search for a manga in the search bar, you will find them appearing from various sources. These sources may host in other languages than English – so, you can choose your language if you feel comfortable reading with it. Just makes sure to mind the check and cross marks! The check indicates that manga from that source will be able to be read comfortably in All Mangas Reader, while the cross mark indicates otherwise.

• Don’t Lose The Series You’d Like To Discuss
Some manga reader allows readers to create an account and bookmark the manga they like. However, if we are about to read from different sources, this task will be difficult because each source may offer different series. Fortunately, you can bookmark any manga no matter where it came from under one single account. This feature is especially useful if you want to join All Mangas Reader community on Discord!

This browser extension doesn’t only help you read from various sources, it also presents the manga in a way that is easy to read on a PC screen without sacrificing the interface. To fully grasp the experience, don’t forget to join All Mangas community on Discord!

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