Meet Fellow Animanga Fans in Anime-Planet!

Meet Fellow Animanga Fans in Anime-Planet!

Meet Fellow Animanga Fans in Anime-Planet! – Do you need anime or manga recommendations directly from fellow fans? Want friends with the same interests and fandoms? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you totally should sign up to Anime-Planet right away!

• About Anime-Planet
Anime-Planet is a community site that revolves around anime and manga, like that works as the best information and online gambling games source for players around the world. Founded in 2001, the community continued to grow in size to date. Unexpectedly, despite reaching millions of users per month, it is only managed by a small team comprising the sole founder, developers, and moderators. Otherwise, it is quite a popular site for fans from any manga and anime fandoms to gather.

• What Can You Do In It?
Take note that this site is a community site, not a manga reader site. So, when it comes to manga, members can only file out which series they had read or want to read. Those who are looking for recommendations can check based on the series they had enjoyed or purely out from others’ suggestions. If you have read the manga, you can submit a review about it, the same with anime.

Meanwhile, when it comes to anime, Anime-Planet offers free and legal anime streaming. They claimed to offer 40.000 legal streaming episodes from Crunchyroll. Unfortunately, this feature is a trial – meaning that you will have to subscribe to Crunchyroll if you want to continue watching the anime legally.

Besides those two, you can also enjoy anime and manga through other means such as discussing it with other fans. By making an account and logging in, you will be able to interact with other people within the community and even find new friends there.

• How Can You Support The Site?
The bigger the site, the bigger the server needs to be. Therefore, Anime-Planet needs your help to be able to continue running the site as it had been. There are several ways of helping that the site suggested, such as making donations, turning off adblocker, purchasing Crunchyroll subscription through Anime-Planet’s link, or even join their development team if you have programming or designing skills. You can also join the site clubs to help with other means.

Anime-Planet is a site that hosts people who are interested in manga and anime. Within the site, they can find recommendations, write reviews of series they have read or watch, and interact with one another. If you enjoy hanging in it, don’t forget to make donations to support the admin and volunteers!

Read The Manga and Join The Community of All Mangas Reader
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Read The Manga and Join The Community of All Mangas Reader

Read The Manga and Join The Community of All Mangas Reader – Do you like to read manga on PC? Well, if that’s the case, then you must be aware that the websites that hosted them always have a rather awkward interface even when you open them with a large screen. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with it anymore after using All Mangas Reader!

• Read Manga Comfortably on Your PC
The one thing that makes reading manga uncomfortable on PC is that it’s hard to adjust the page size without some sort of disadvantage – fit the whole page on the screen and you can barely read the words, but zoom it in and you have to adjust the page position every time you move to one panel to another. Not to mention, the head bad and navigator of the sites can take a significant space on your screen, making the reading experience feels far from seamless.

Thankfully, All Mangas Reader solved this problem by making the pages easily adjustable. Readers can position the pages side by side as a book does, set up the zooms, or even decide which direction the manga should be read! It makes reading manga becomes as comfortable as playing online poker games in PC through

• Get Manga in All Language
Another selling point of All Mangas Reader extension is that it pools 93 manga reader sites at once into their library. So, when you search for a manga in the search bar, you will find them appearing from various sources. These sources may host in other languages than English – so, you can choose your language if you feel comfortable reading with it. Just makes sure to mind the check and cross marks! The check indicates that manga from that source will be able to be read comfortably in All Mangas Reader, while the cross mark indicates otherwise.

• Don’t Lose The Series You’d Like To Discuss
Some manga reader allows readers to create an account and bookmark the manga they like. However, if we are about to read from different sources, this task will be difficult because each source may offer different series. Fortunately, you can bookmark any manga no matter where it came from under one single account. This feature is especially useful if you want to join All Mangas Reader community on Discord!

This browser extension doesn’t only help you read from various sources, it also presents the manga in a way that is easy to read on a PC screen without sacrificing the interface. To fully grasp the experience, don’t forget to join All Mangas community on Discord!

How to Best Enjoy Reading Comics Online and for Free
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How to Best Enjoy Reading Comics Online and for Free

How to Best Enjoy Reading Comics Online and for Free – A single issue of a comic book may cost about $3.99 (variants and event issues may be even higher). You would think that spending that much for the thing you love the most wouldn’t be that big of a deal. However, frequent visit to a comic book store will eventually be expensive. And that’s why you need some alternatives that don’t really drain you of your money.

1. ComiXology
ComiXology is first and foremost an online comic shop so of course it costs money. But if you look deeper into it, you’ll know that it also provides a collection of free issues that’s constantly updated as well. Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, manga, indie releases, and issues from small publishers can be found on this online shop.

2. DriveThru Comics
DriveThru clearly lacks the big-names of the industry: Marvel and DC. But you can find an expansive collection of comic books that span styles and genres.

3. Amazon Best Sellers
If you know where to look, you can find tons of free content here. The list of Comics and Graphic Novels Best Sellers is a good place to start.

4. Digital Comic Museum
This place is a great source if you wish to take a look back at the origin of comic book as a medium of entertainment. It features free comics from the Golden Age.

5. Comic Book Plus
Similar to the previous entry, this one has a host of free comic books from both Golden and Silver Eras.

6. GoComics
GoComics is your go-to place if you wish to read some syndicated strips. Subscriptions are divided into free and paid-for. It boasts an amazing amount of comic strips including Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, and Peanuts. Three categories are available under the Garfield title: Garfield, Classics, and Garfield without Garfield.

7. ElfQuest
Running since late 70s, ElfQuest has won tons of awards. Issues released prior to 2014 are available on the website for free. Dark Horse is now selling the title’s concluding arc, Final Quest.

8. The Internet Archive
Admittedly, there aren’t enough mainstream issues here but it does indeed feature a whole host of comics and graphic novels all for free. It is also a good place to start if you’re just getting hooked with comic books and wish to find out what’s possibly there beyond the mainstream. Get on The Internet Archive and start clicking on some random titles to broaden your insights.

A Simple Guide to Help Those in Need of Help with Reading Comics
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A Simple Guide to Help Those in Need of Help with Reading Comics

1. Find out the genre you are into
If you find it hard to uncover the answer, start with figuring out the kind of movies, books, TV shows, video games, comic book movies, and stories you enjoy the most. Once you narrow down your list, things will get easier and you can find what comic books you should read.

2. Consider the free comics
But make sure that the source is legal in nature. This is to help prevent yourself from having to spend for something that you don’t even like. You can, for example, borrow some from your friends. In addition to making it possible for you to enjoy comics for free, this is also a good way to further introduce yourself to the stories you feel the most connection with.

3. Pay a visit to a local comic book store in regular basis
Once you’re done testing the waters, it’s time for you to get to taste the real experience. Just come by and have a look at what the local comic book store has to offer. Browse their shelf and don’t be afraid to get a help from the crews if you still haven’t figured out what clicks the most with you. Make a point to visit the store in a regular manner and frequently. It may be on weekly basis, fortnightly, or every once in a month. Of course, this is a schedule that depends greatly on how much you are into the medium and the amount of budget you can set aside.

4. Broaden your horizons gradually
Once you are used to the concept and make a habit out of it, you can expand your insights further. Check out your favorite artists’/writers’ other bodies of work. Talk to fellow comics-readers about what they are into at the moment. Browse websites that discuss comic books. Keep in mind that this also has anything to do with your budget and do it at a pace you feel most comfortable.

5. Take a peek into comics community
Make time to engage in online community or real-world events such as a convention. Site like also got a lot fans and community for sharing about comics also. This is important as it may help you find others with similar passion and you might even make some friends for life.

6. Find some friends to read comics with
Everything is much more fun when done together with friends and anyone else you think should get into comics.

The Benefits of Joining the Webcomic Community
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The Benefits of Joining the Webcomic Community

The Benefits of Joining the Webcomic Community – Reading a comic is now easier than ever. Today, people more interested to read webcomic or comic strip that published on a website or a mobile app. This webcomic is more flexible which can be enjoyed whenever and wherever you want. Some webcomic communities give the readers a lot of different genres of comic that can be read. And if you are a creator a webcomic, joining into a webcomic community will give you some benefit for progressing your projects.

– What is Webcomic Community?
Webcomic community can be described as a group where the creators of webcomic from all over the world. They can also come from any different genre getting together for sharing their knowledge and experience, helping one another and also cooperating in a project.

– How Profitable Joining a Webcomic Community?
It is a good idea to join a webcomic community for webcomic creators just as how profitable it is join online gambling community so you also can win at Sbobet site. By joining into a community, you will get several benefits, including:

– Getting More Inspirations
Webcomic becomes a creative project that not everyone is interested t doing it. Creating webcomic is not as easy as it sounds, the authors sometimes need more inspirations to start their project. Joining into a webcomic community will be a good chance for finding more inspirations. The author or creator can get inspiration from other online comics that can inspire them to start their projects.

– Promoting the Projects
A webcomic community must have a lot of members on it. Joining the community will allow you to promote your projects viewed by all of the members that come from all over the world. It means that your projects will be more popular at the same time.

The Benefits of Joining the Webcomic Community– Caring and Sharing
Webcomic community will not only help you to promote your projects, but you can also get help when you are getting problems with your project. You can share your problem in the community, and the other member will help you to overcome by giving the solution, tips and also tricks.

–  Getting a Collaborative Projects
The member of the webcomic community usually comes from all over the world and also from the whole of the webcomic genre. You can get a collaborative project with the other member of that community.

Webcomic community can be a great place for the creators or authors of webcomic gather together for sharing their projects and also experiences. Joining this community give some benefits for the members, like get more inspirations, promote the projects, care and share with the other member, and also get a collaborative project.

Get to know the comic reading community in the USA
Comic Community

Get to know the comic reading community in the USA

watching movies or just watching shows on TV may have become a habit now, but entertainment can not only come from TV media alone. Print media such as comics, for example, is one of the entertainment that is not less interesting than a TV or similar shows and of course comics are also the beginning of the existence of entertainment on TV, for example films about superheroes.

The most famous superhero figures such as superman, batman, spiderman and others are figures who originally emerged from comics which later began to be used as characters and appeared in films on tv so far known to many people.

The love of the characters in the comic that finally made some people in America try to gather and create a community for the comic lovers themselves, knowing the reading community of comics in the USA can we start from someone who has long liked comic books and types the other available, he is Ben Penrood.

Big Ben Penrood in Annapolis was a worker in a comic book shop, so in 2011 he and his friends tried to make a first event in Annapolis that was successfully attended by more than 7000 people.

The event which had only been aimed at gathering people so that interest in comic books reappeared was even more than that because he finally made a community of his own consisting of a group of comic lovers in America. This community consists of many people who have almost the same interests as each other.

Starting from comic lovers, video game enthusiasts, so the lovers of superhero films also become part of the community. in several meetings held also by the community, bringing artists and creators of comic books and some media as resource persons who enlivened the comic community event, not infrequently also community members who wore costumes like their favorite superheroes when community events were held.

Developments of the Comic Communities in the USA
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Developments of the Comic Communities in the USA

Who doesn’t know comics? This one piece of art has evolved from time to time and still has fans until now. Almost all countries in the world have comic artworks. But usually famous comics come from Japan. There are also famous superhero comics from America such as Marvel, DC, and Valiant.

Comics in America not only have superhero stories, but also consist of fantasy stories that are dear to be missed. Of course the development of comics in the USA also helped develop the existing comic community. This comic community usually consists of people who also like all types of comics.

Development of Comic Communities Standing in the USA

Reading is a hobby that will not be timeless. Although now digital technology has developed very rapidly. Books still live in the community. One type of book that is also a favorite of many people is comic books. Ranging from children to adults love to read comics.

The comic community began to develop in accordance with the progress of the times. The comic community in the USA is also increasingly mushrooming. Usually they like superhero comics issued by well-known companies such as , Marvel and DC. The comic community is also a forum for creativity for comic fans who love to draw. Anyone can join and help develop the comic community in the USA.

The comic community in the USA is growing every year. Especially because the comic output from America is also increasingly global. Especially comics with superhero themes like Superman or Batman. The superhero box office films that you watch at the cinema are from famous superhero comics.

Developments of the Comic Communities in the USAThis comic community has sprung up because of the many fans of comic stories in America. Not only fans who join this comic community, but also people who work and have careers in the comic world. For example, such as cosplayers and comic makers themselves.

The development of the comic community can actually be seen from the many activities carried out. For example, such a well-known comic community often holds activities such as comic drawing competitions or comic drawing workshops for beginners in the comic world.

It is not uncommon for the growing comic community of USA to also appear in the comic con event which is always held every summer in San Diego, California. Workshops are also often given to comic fans who aspire to become a comic writer. Starting from drawing workshops, coloring, to story telling. The development of a comic community in the USA can certainly be seen directly from the growing comic industry in the USA today.

Marvel comic history in the USA
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Marvel comic history in the USA

For those of you who like to watch movies or read comics about superheroes, then surely you are no stranger to dc and marvel companies. The two companies have always been able to provide positive and interesting entertainment through several famous superheroes, but did you know about the history of Marvel Comic in the USA?

Being a DC competitor, Marvel appeared and was formally established in 1940 under the name Timely Publications. Drawing on the success of the DC that has published its fictional comics, marvel also made a similar genre of comics entitled Marvel Mystery Comics, but this is what distinguishes the two because Marvel at that time did not make any superheroes like dc.

The history of Marvel Comic in the USA began to appear when one of the fictional superhero figures named Captain America was made, this is one of the first superhero figures from Marvel who is oriented to DC after the previous Marvel published a comic which is similar to DC.

In 1941 this marvel did not only make Captain America, but there were also a number of other superhero figures, but not as well-known as The Vision, Whizzer, and Miss America. Although it cannot defeat the popularity of superheroes from DC, at least Captain America almost succeeded in following the success achieved by the two DC-made superhero figures.

the name marvel comics was only used in 1961 after the company used the name Atlas Comics in 1950 whose initial name was Timely Publications, for the same reason as dc where marvel comics was a name taken from Marvel Mystery Comics which was the most successful comic. from the company. still in the same year after the name change to marvel comics.

After that, Marvel returns a new charm to follow the success of Justice League through the fantastic four it released. Fantastic four is a designation for a group of superheroes who are members of Mr. Fantastic, Human torch, Invisible Girl, and The thing. This is where the initial success of the recognized Marvel Comics is able to become a real DC competitor, Fantastic Four comics are present and get a lot of positive responses from American society.

History of Comic Con and its relation with comic communities

History of Comic Con and its relation with comic communities

Ever heard of comic con? This event is an annual agenda for comic lovers in the world. Comic con is a multigenre convention held annually in San Diego, California, United States. Initially Comic Con was known as the Golden State Comic Book Convention. But it was later renamed the San Diego Comic Book Convention, better known as Comic-con.

Usually, Comic-con is held for 4 days in the summer in San Diego, Southern California, United States. Usually the Comic-con event is always crowded with fans of popular culture such as comics, games, and various western-style films and series. Of course the comic con was also enlivened with comic communities within the USA.

History of San Diego Comic Con in the USA

If you are a big fan of comics, games, movies, or certain series, you certainly can’t wait to welcome comic con. Especially for comic fans. Usually the annual comic con event is the most awaited by world comic lovers. Usually during comic con there will be cosplay contests, discussions, live shows, and of course the most exciting are guest stars from film players or people who have worked in this field.

Not infrequently presented also officials from comic companies such as Marvel and DC whose comics are now increasingly made into Hollywood films and become box offices in the world.

Of course for the comic community in the USA, the holding of comic con every year is a distinct advantage. Members of this comic community can meet their idols who may have only been seen on the screen. But now these idols can appear in front of fans of this comic.

The comic con event is also a place of creativity for comic fans who want to cosplay their favorite comic characters. Who knows if you join the competition in comic con, you can come out to be a winner and get a big enough prize.

Comic con was initially held by a group of people in 1970 namely Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, and Mike Towry. At its inception, this comic con indeed was just a convention for comic book fans. But now the comic con held every summer has been widened and not only for fans of comics.

Usually this event starts on Thursday, then ends on Sunday. On Wednesday evening, professionals and participants in the comic convention usually arrived in San Diego. Of course, comic con has a relationship that is closely related to the comic community in the USA.

History of Valiant Comic
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History of Valiant Comic

So far, if you talk about superhero comics from America, of course people immediately mention the name Marvel or DC. But did you know that there are actually other publishers who also publish comics about superheroes and come from the United States? Valiant comic is actually an American comic publisher.

The company was founded by Jim Shooter, who was a former employee of Marvel, in 1989. In 2004, the company was reopened after being vacuumed with a new name Valiant Entertainment by entrepreneurs named Dinesh Shamdasani and Jason Kothari. The following is a more complete account of the history of the development of Valiant Comic in America.

The History of Valiant Comic and Its Development

Marvel and DC may indeed hold a monopoly in the world of superhero comics. But did you know that there are actually Valiant comics that also helped develop the world of superheroes? Marvel and DC have always released a lot of comics in progress. Even almost every month. But what makes Valiant fresher is that they develop themselves in different ways.

Valiant began in 1988, former Marvel employee Jim Shooter, Steven J. Massarsky, along with a group of investors trying to buy Marvel Entertainment. But then in 1989, Shooter and Massarsky formed Voyager Communications which became the forerunner of Valiant Comic. Valiant then recruited many writers and artists from Marvel. Including Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Layton.

In 1991, Valiant released their first title, Magnus, Robot Fighter. Then they also released Solar, the Man of the Atom in the same year. Rai became the third comic book title released by Valiant Comic. In addition, Rai is also included in a special way at Magnus, Robot Fighter. In 1992, Valiant won the Best Publisher.

Then the following year, Valiant again won the Best Publisher. Also in 1992, Jim Shooter was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award as the person who co-founded the Valiant Universe. At the event, Stan Lee was also awarded as the person who created the Marvel Universe.

Even so, Shooter decided to leave Valiant in 1992. According to Massarsky, Shooter had different tastes with the company. He was asked to stop from Valiant. In 2012, Valiant came out after a decade of hiatus. Valiant was previously bought by Acclaim, a video game company.

Unfortunately Acclaim went bankrupt in 2004. Valiant went back to sleep. After returning, Valiant appears with some great characters. The character possessed by Valiant is not inferior to Batman. Comic works from Valiant seem to be an alternative for lovers of Marvel and DC comics who are looking for fresh air.

The advantages of reading online comics on the internet
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The advantages of reading online comics on the internet

The advantages of reading online comics on the internet

1. Easy
Currently the trend of reading comics has indeed begun to shift little by little, not that the reading habits will disappear but the trend that is happening now is to read comics online on the internet. This exciting activity may only be possible if you own or borrow the comic itself, but with the many sites on the internet that provide comic readings that can be enjoyed online, surely this will be a very easy activity to do. You only need to go directly to online comic sites on the internet and choose what comics you want to read, so you can read your favorite comics anywhere and anytime very easily.

2. Free
As has been written a little above, reading comics also does not always have to own the comic you want to read. Indeed there are still some reading places or parks that provide these comics for rent and you read at home, but of course there will be costs needed to be able to get these comics right? well, it’s another story if you read comics online on the internet because this won’t make you spend any money, reading online comics on the internet can be done for free without the slightest charge.

3. Always updated
If you already have your own favorite comic, surely you always miss the continuation of the series afterwards from the comic, right? well luckily if you read online comics on the internet, you will always be able to get the latest info until the publication of your favorite comic, so you don’t have to wait for something without certainty or keep reading the comic – that’s all because you don’t have it or not get the latest update, so make sure you always read online comics on the internet to get the latest comic series you want.

DC comic history in the USA
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DC comic history in the USA

Most people around the world know DC, because some of their great works can always fill the entertainment world, both comics and films. established since 1934 under the name National Allied, the son of the warner bross company debuted with the release of a comic magazine entitled More Fun Comis, this is a comic magazine that contains stories – stories of humorous superheroes.

DC comic history in the USA began with several first generation characters such as Green Arrow, Superboy, Specter, Aquaman and Johnny Quick. Then the emergence of a new superhero store called Superman was launched in the first edition of Action Comics in 1938 and continued with the emergence of Batman figures in the 27th Detective Comics series.

The two comics and characters made DC a lot of people loved in America, namely in the Action Comics and Detective Comics comics. The increase in sales of comics in a short period of time was also due to the presence of these two DC-created superhero figures, even the two fictional characters, superman and batman, were also used as icons as well as national fiction figures in Uncle Sam’s country.

The success of the emergence of Superman and Batman figures also made DC again bring up several new names in a row of homemade fictional superheroes, they are Green Lantern, The Flash, and Wonder Woman. Then the idea to unite all the superheroes into one comic was only in 1960 which was the year of the creation of the Justice League, in this comic all DC-made superheroes appeared and did not miss the presence of Green Arrow and Aquaman.

After reaching his fame, the name National Allied was then replaced with a new name which until now is known as dc. The name change made in 1977 is nothing but not because it refers to the success of Detective Comics which has brought this one company to be more famous than before, and the name DC was chosen as the name of this new Warner Bross subsidiary to date .

Get to know publisher Image comic

Get to know publisher Image comic

You must be familiar with some reading media such as novels, story books, or even comics and maybe even you have enough reading material at home, but do you know about comic books? The publicity of comics may not be too much attention by readers, but its role is very important in the comic industry.

Well this time we will try to discuss a bit about one comic publisher called Image Comic, this is a publishing company that was founded in 1992 by several famous artists. Image comic has become the largest comic publisher in America, if you know the publisher Image comic well then you must have known some of the published works.

Call it like some of the best-selling genres including science fiction, horror, romance, evil fiction, history, comedy, and many other comics that have been published by comic images of many writers and artists working in the media today.

As previously written, image comics does not stand as a company owned by private individuals or children of a large company but image comics was founded by seven artists, they are Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Whilce Portacio, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, and Jim Vantino.

Image comics does not just stand as an ordinary comic publisher, but not infrequently also the comics made by image comics are sold freely, this is not something extraordinary considering this one publisher was founded by some great artists and of course there are quite a lot of art workers who was involved in this one company. however, some comics or novels published by image comics are also made in accordance with the copyright of their own authors.

Whereas image comics in this case only acts as a publisher and distributor who participates in promoting the work published. the marketing technique that is done is also quite unique, you don’t have to go to the bookstore just to buy it, but you can also subscribe to a number of illustrated comic titles that will be sent periodically by post.

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